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Tree Removal

No Tree Too Large

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It's not as simple as just
"cutting down a tree"

Tree removal is dangerous work that should not be attempted by anyone without the experience, equipment and training to do it correctly and, most of all, safely.

How We Remove Trees Safely

There are several ways to safely bring down a tree. The best option depends on the condition of the tree, where it's located, what's surrounding it, weather conditions, and more. Typically, we'll use one of the methods described below.

Felling a Tree

If there's enough open ground around the tree, we may be able to cut down the tree in one piece. This is more often possible with smaller trees, especially if there are other trees nearby that we can attach ropes to that are used to control the tree as it's being felled.

Cutting Down a Tree in Pieces

With larger trees and in tighter spaces, a tree will usually be removed by cutting it apart in pieces. First, the branches are removed to allow access to the top of the tree. Then the trunk is cut into pieces, starting at the top of the tree and moving downward. Each piece of the tree is either dropped to the ground or carefully lowered with ropes, depending on what's beneath and around it.

Removing a Tree With a Crane

Very large trees, ones that are considered hazardous, and trees in very tight spaces are usually removed using a crane. We can often access the tree from the street or driveway, avoiding damage to your lawn from heavy equipment.

Alpine Tree removing a tall tree with a crane
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We offer unlimited FREE wood chips to our customers! We'll even deliver them for free within our normal service area. Deliveries take place when we're doing other work in your area - we're not able to schedule delivery for a specific date or time.

"I would highly recommend Alpine Tree. Great customer service and pricing. The crew was very nice, efficient and kept our property clean as they worked to remove four trees."

Stephen Chiarello

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Why Should a Tree be Removed?

While we prefer to preserve trees rather than cutting them down,
sometimes tree removal is the only option

It can often be difficult to decide whether or not to cut down a tree. To help you make that decision, our professional arborists can inspect your tree to determine whether or not it can be saved. Some of the things we consider are listed below.

dead tree


As the tree continues to deteriorate, it can become a significant safety hazard. The longer you wait to remove it, the more dangerous it is and the more difficult to do.



Sometimes pruning alone isn't enough to let you see beyond the tree's branches, either to see the view or something more important, like a stop sign. 

tree and house icon


If a tree's branches are damaging your roof or siding as they sway in the wind, or if roots are cracking your home's foundation or walkway, consider removing it.



Without "elbow room" to grow freely, trees take on unappealing shapes, develop bare spots in the canopy, and are more prone to diseases.

warning barrier for safety during tree work


A tree that's blocking a walkway, drive, road, or other area you need to access, may need to be removed, especially if it creates an unsafe situation.

tree falling on house


Trees can grow into poor shapes that are inherently unsafe (such as a "Y" shape), or can be damaged by storms, pests and disease.

Alpine Tree arborist in a tree cutting pieces off for tree removal

After the Tree is Removed ...

While tree removal is sometimes a "necessary evil," it does give you an opportunity to improve your landscape by replanting with a healthier and/or more appropriate tree.

Did You Know?

Tree Planting Service

We offer a complete site preparation and replanting service after a tree has been taken down. The service includes:

  • grinding out the tree stump and surrounding roots,
  • preparing the planting site to get the new tree off to a great start,
  • helping you choose the best tree for the site, and
  • properly planting the new tree for you.


Fully insured specifically for tree work

ISA Certified Arborists on staff to ensure safety and quality

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Locally owned and operated since 2010

Available 24/7 for emergency tree removals

Free estimates on all tree work

All work is done with strict adherence to professional tree care standards (ANSI A300)

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logs loaded on the back of Alpine Tree's log truck

"I would highly recommend this tree service. We had a 100+ ft tulip tree in our front yard which was dead and needed to be taken down. From scheduling an estimate, to scheduling the day of service Alpine was flawless with communicating with me. On the day of service, they arrived when indicated and took down the tree without issue. I was also highly impressed with how they cleaned up after the tree was cut down and the stump was grinded. They took extra care to fix any damage to my lawn which resulted from the large tree trunks being lowered. Additionally, Alpine Tree Service was significantly less expensive than the 5 other quotes I received from surrounding companies. I would not hesitate to use them for future tree removals if needed. Thanks Alpine Tree Service."

Adam Nord

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