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Tree Care Tips

Everything you want to know about how to keep your trees as safe, healthy and beautiful as possible. Specially written for the Morristown, NJ area and surrounding towns.

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A long frost crack on an apple tree in New Jersey.

Frost Cracks: Vertical Cracks on Tree Trunks that Form During the Winter

In this article, we’ll go over how to spot frost cracks on your trees, which trees are most susceptible, the health implications for trees that have frost cracks, and more.
A lopper is used to prune a fruit tree in New Jersey during the winter or dormant period.

Which Trees Should Be Pruned in Winter?

Do you know which trees to prune in winter? Yes, there are trees that are best pruned during winter and there are those who are not. Read this article to learn those trees to keep them at their utmost health.
A hand stamps an official document.

Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit in New Jersey?

Find out if you need a tree removal permit before you can have a tree in your property be removed.
A planting hole with a burlap-wrapped tree ready to be planted by the Alpine Tree team on a New Jersey property.

Why Should You Plant a New Tree After Having a Tree Removed?

Replacing a tree may not seem to be a top priority after a tree removal, but if you think about the benefits of a tree, you may want to consider it. Planting a replacement tree on your New Jersey property has various factors to consider. Read this article to learn more.
looking up at fall leaves on trees with sky in the background

Fall Tree Care Tips

What to do this fall to protect and prepare your trees for winter. Plus, what not to do and what to leave until later.
Burnt-looking leaves are signs of fire blight on a pear tree in New Jersey.

Disease Alert: Fire Blight

There is no current cure for fire blight disease and it can be spread via different ways. That's why it is important to know how to identify the signs & symptoms of fire blight and what you need to do if you notice those signs.
A home surrounded by trees, plants, and mulch during the summer months

Summer Tree Care Tips

Our top recommendations for summer tree care, including watering, pests and diseases to look for, heat stress, pruning options, and more.
Brown floodwater rushes past trees, creating debris.

My Tree Was Flooded – What Should I Do?

If trees have been flooded, they likely sustained long-lasting damage that could make them unsafe, unhealthy, and unattractive. Learn the signs of flood damage in trees and how to help your trees recover.
newly-planted trees in a lawn in front of a house

How to Care for a Newly-Planted Tree

A step-by-step guide to help ensure that your new tree grows to become firmly rooted, stable, and healthy, starting with a few things that should happen before the tree is even planted.
Callery or Bradford Pear trees line a road in a New Jersey-area park.

Beautiful But Dangerous – Why You Should Not Plant a Bradford Pear Tree in your New Jersey Yard

Bradford pear trees can be stunning and perfect. But, looks can be deceiving. This tree is actually invasive, dangerous and it stinks! Read this article to understand why you should avoid planting this tree in your property.
Sapsucker holes on the trunk of a tree. Taken by Alpine Tree, New Jersey

IPM: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Many experienced gardeners and landscape professionals practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to make and maintain gardens that are healthy and vigorous, with low populations of pests. Find out why in this article!
two large trees in a forest

Benefits of Trees in the Morristown, NJ Area

Trees are such a common part of daily life that many of us hardly notice the trees around us, let alone think about what they're doing for us behind the scenes. But they affect our lives well beyond just providing oxygen, shade, fall color and spring flowers!
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