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Tree Care Tips

Everything you want to know about how to keep your trees as safe, healthy and beautiful as possible. Specially written for the Morristown, NJ area and surrounding towns.

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A forest with beech trees showing signs of beech leaf disease in Morristown, New Jersey.

Beech Leaf Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Beech leaf disease is a fatal tree disease that threatens all New Jersey beech trees. Learn how to identify it and select the best treatment option from the few that are available.
A yard in Morris Township with trees in danger of damage from scale insects.

Scale Insects on Trees: Signs and Treatment Methods for New Jersey Homeowners

Scale insects are notoriously difficult to detect and control in NJ. This guide covers identifying infestations, using benefi-cial insects, proper insecticide timing, and prevention tips.
Boxwood shrubs, a popular landscape detail in New Jersey

Are Your Boxwoods Looking Ragged This Spring? Here’s Why …

Boxwood Leafminers pose a threat to your shrubs and landscape. Prevention is the best medicine, and our team at Alpine Tree can help!
White pine weevil damage to a white pine. Image courtesy of Steven Katovich,

Protecting Your Pines from the White Pine Weevil: A Guide for New Jersey Homeowners

Have you noticed the tops of your pine trees looking wilted or brown? This could be a sign of the destructive white pine weevil. Learn how to identify and combat this pest.
aphips on branches of a tree during spring

16 Insect Pests That Survive Over Winter in New Jersey

Insects are cold-blooded, so how do they survive over winter in New Jersey? From ticks and mosquitoes to spotted lanternfly, Japanese beetles, and Eastern tent caterpillars, we’ll uncover their winter survival tactics so you can better combat insects that survive New Jersey winters.
Peach leaf disease on a tree in New Jersey.

11 Common Fungal Tree Diseases Affecting New Jersey Trees

Fungal diseases are silently attacking trees across New Jersey, posing a major threat to their beauty and longevity. Learn how to spot these diseases early, how to treat them, and steps to prevent fungal infections from destroying your trees.
Alpine Tree Service uses a Tree-Mek robotic crane to remove trees on a New Jersey property.

How Our Tree-Mek Robotic Crane Protects Your Landscape

Mechanized tree care, such as using a Tree-Mek robotic tree crane, can increase the efficiency of tree removals and minimize lawn damage. Learn the other benefits of this high-tech piece of equipment and schedule your next tree removal.
Looking up into the canopy of a large oak tree in New Jersey that was pruned by Alpine Tree.

Save Your Large Trees: How Tree Diseases are Harming New Jersey’s Oak Trees

Oak trees in New Jersey are being attacked by several fungal and bacterial tree diseases. Learn about the biggest threats to the health of your oak trees and what you can do to save your trees.

The Rise of the Lantern Fly

With May and June in full swing, the rise of spotted lantern flies and emerald ash borers (EABs) is imminent. These agile lantern flies, with their acrobatic prowess rivaling ninjas, present a challenge to squish. Originating from Southeast Asia, spotted lantern flies have made their way to New Jersey, posing a threat to various plants.…
A large, green praying mantis with spiny front legs sits perched on a small branch in front of a black background.

Chemical-Free Ways to Control Insect Pests

If you’re looking for a chemical-free method to reduce the insect pests in your trees and garden, beneficial insects are an ideal choice. By using your plants and trees to attract beneficial insects, you can take advantage of the beneficials that are already there. And with a few cost-effective additions, you can turn your garden into a diverse haven for beneficial insects.
A long frost crack on an apple tree in New Jersey.

Frost Cracks: Vertical Cracks on Tree Trunks that Form During the Winter

In this article, we’ll go over how to spot frost cracks on your trees, which trees are most susceptible, the health implications for trees that have frost cracks, and more.
A lopper is used to prune a fruit tree in New Jersey during the winter or dormant period.

Which Trees Should Be Pruned in Winter?

Do you know which trees to prune in winter? Yes, there are trees that are best pruned during winter and there are those who are not. Read this article to learn those trees to keep them at their utmost health.