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Storm Cleanup

Available 24/7 for Storm Emergencies

If you have a tree removal emergency, call us immediately at


We'll Clean Up Your Property
Quickly & Safely

Storms can be incredibly damaging, and the mess they leave behind can make your yard look like a disaster area. Plus, downed power lines and a smashed roof can make the situation dangerous.

The Local Storm Damage Specialists

As storm damage specialists, we carefully listen to your needs to find out the best way to help you and get your property looking beautiful once more. We are available 24/7, and we return all calls quickly to help you when you need us most.


  • Large and hazardous tree take downs
  • Storm damage clean-up, including debris removal
  • Assessment and removal of trees with property damage
  • Evaluation and handling of dangerous trees

What If a Tree Falls on My House?

If a tree falls through a house, the job is usually performed within hours of the occurrence, unless it is pouring down rain at 3am when it is dark outside. In that case, a tarp is usually put on the home, an estimate will be completed during this time, and the emergency tree job will be completed when the sun rises that morning. That will also give you time to call your homeowner’s insurance company.

There are many emergency tree removal scenarios, and we’re available for you no matter the time, day, or weather.

broken branches damaged in a storm

"We had a large maple uproot in the backyard as a result of the storm. The branches were resting on the house, but we were in danger of the tree coming completely down on the house. Bill came out that night to assess the situation and had a full crew out early the next morning. They worked most of the day and removed the tree and cleaned up all the storm debris. Very happy with this company!"

Kathryn Reed

Contact us for storm damage & clean up

Who Should You Call In An Emergency?

FIRST - Call the Certified Arborists at Alpine Tree Service. We're available 24/7.
Second - Call Your Insurance Company

Specialized skills and experience are critical for handling emergency tree work safely. Tree care, especially during emergency situations, is the 2nd most dangerous industry in the world. Lives are lost, and major injuries occur every day in the tree service business.

That’s why hiring a licensed, bonded, and fully insured professional tree service is an absolute necessity.

Alpine Tree Service has the skills and manpower to complete these emergency tree removals in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.

There have been many times when large storms sweep through New Jersey and cause major tree damage by way of wind, rain, ice, or snow. During these times, you need a company with the skills to handle these emergency jobs.

ISA, TCIA and NJ CTE logos

Fully insured specifically for tree work

ISA Certified Arborists on staff to ensure safety and quality

Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association

Locally owned and operated since 2010

Available 24/7 for emergency tree removals

Free estimates on all tree work

All work is done with strict adherence to professional tree care standards (ANSI A300)

TCIA member logo
uprooted tree from a summer storm

"I have been a long time client of Alpine Tree Service. These guys work quickly, get the job done safely and are reasonably priced. Alpine is especially accommodable during emergency situations (such as an unexpected downed tree or post-storm conditions). Bottom line, these guys are as professional as they come, and should be your first choice for all of your tree service needs."

Mike Cabanas

Need emergency tree removal in Morristown or the surrounding area?

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The program provides both basic and selected specialty treatments to trees and shrubs for long term control of diseases and pests.

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