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About Alpine Tree's Firewood

We know how difficult it can be to find quality hardwood firewood in the Morristown area. We've seen more than enough moldy, mud-caked, insect-infested, sodden firewood being sold to unsuspecting customers (sometimes it's hidden under a layer of dry wood so it looks good until you dig deeper). That's why we've invested in a state-of-the-art firewood processor and built a clean, dry area in which to fully season our firewood - we want to make sure that our firewood customers get only dry, clean, hardwood firewood that burns cleanly and evenly!

Hardwoods Only

We believe in giving our customers only the best - and that means well-seasoned hardwood. Unlike some other firewood providers, you won't find poplar, cedar, pine, sassafras, or any other poor-quality firewood mixed in with ours.

Being part of Alpine Tree puts us at an advantage over the competition; we know exactly what types of wood we're processing. We use only quality hardwoods (oak, maple, ash, etc.) and we never use any wood that has rotten spots. 

Locally-Sourced Firewood

Our mixed hardwood firewood is locally sourced from Alpine Tree’s pruning and tree removal work in Morris County and surrounding areas. By repurposing wood that would otherwise go to a landfill, we're helping the environment and providing a much-needed local service.

Clean, Dry & Free of Bugs

All of our firewood is seasoned for at least a year in a protected area to ensure that it's fully dry.

We use only high-grade wood, check it carefully to ensure there are no insects or rot, and put it through a cleaning process to remove excess bark and debris.

All of our firewood is inspected and split by our crew so nothing ever slips by our quality control. Because we process our wood by hand, you receive a product that is consistently high quality.

Alpine Tree removing a tall tree with a crane

Firewood Delivery

We deliver firewood to homes and businesses within 20 miles of our office in Morristown, NJ. If you live outside that radius, give us a call - we may be able to deliver outside our normal delivery area upon request.

  • Deliveries are made year-round from Monday to Saturday between 7 am and 7 pm.
  • If you need delivery at a specific time, call us to request a time and we'll do our best to accommodate you (although we cannot guarantee it).
  • Our driver will call you when we're en route to your location.
  • Our office will call to confirm your firewood delivery 2 days in advance.
  • Firewood can be dumped anywhere on your property that's accessible by truck, including lawns and driveways (provided the lawn isn't too wet - no one wants our truck to get stuck in a muddy lawn!).
  • Our drivers cannot stack firewood; you'll be responsible for stacking the wood after it has been dumped.
  • We do not offer pickup service, only delivery.


Delivery Fee

  • There is a $50 flat rate delivery fee for any order delivered within our normal delivery zone.
Alpine Tree firewood delivery area
Did You Know?

Firewood Facts

  • It takes at least 9 -10 months to fully season firewood, depending on the tree species.
  • The ideal moisture content of seasoned firewood is 15%-20%.
  • The higher the moisture content of your wood, the less heat it will produce.
  • The hissing sound you hear when burning wet wood is the moisture being converted to steam and escaping through cracks in the wood.
  • The energy used to convert moisture to steam is wasted energy that should be used in warming your house or heating your grill or pizza oven.

FAQs About Our Firewood

The legal definition of a full cord of firewood in the USA is a stack of firewood that typically measures 4' wide x 4' high x 8' long and is 128 cubic feet in volume. That's a lot of wood!

When we say you'll get a "cord of firewood", we mean a full cord - and we usually throw in a little extra 🙂

You may also hear the term "face cord". That refers to a stack of wood 4' high x 8' long and averaging about 16" wide (that's the normal size of a piece of firewood). In total, a face cord is about 1/3 of a full cord of firewood.

A full cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet. It measures 4' x 4' x 8' so be sure you have enough space to stack it before you place an order.

A ½ cord of firewood is, as you might expect, ½ the amount and size of a full cord. It'll take up 64 cubic feet or a space that's 4' x 4' x 4'.

We do not sell bundled firewood.

However, you can readily find bundled firewood at garden centers and even grocery stores around New Jersey. That's fine for use in a firepit or one night in your fireplace. But it generally won't last much beyond that and you're paying a premium for the convenience of having a small stack of firewood bundled up so you can easily carry it home.

Based on availability, we may be able to fill an order for a specific type of wood (e.g., oak, maple, apple). There will be a higher charge for single-species orders.

Here are the key indicators of well-seasoned firewood:

Cracks & splits in the wood- As wood dries, it starts to split at the cut ends and display cracks.

Peeling bark - If you tap on a log and the bark falls off or peels away, that's a good sign that the firewood is dry.

Dull color - Seasoned firewood will have a dull gray color

Wood feels dry - Although this isn't always the best way to tell if firewood is fully dry, it's a good way to tell if it's still wet. Usually, freshly-cut wood will feel cool or damp.

Firewood Pricing

  • ½ cord: $175
  • Full cord: $300
  • Bulk discount: $800 for 3 ½ cords
  • Delivery charge: $50 per delivery, regardless of quantity
  • Maximum delivery size: 3 ½ cords

Get a Little More With Your Order

We love our customers, and it shows! You'll never get less firewood than you ordered; in fact, we usually add a little more to each order. 

When You Buy

Payment Options

Whether you call us directly or use the online order form, we offer multiple ways to pay for your firewood.

  • Call the office with your credit card details
  • Pay cash on delivery
  • Pay with a check on delivery
  • Mail a check to us (it must arrive before your delivery)

All payments must be received before delivery is completed.

Firewood Order Form

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If your delivery location is more than 20 miles from Morristown, NJ, please call us BEFORE placing an order. If we are able to deliver to you, an additional delivery fee of $4 per mile will be charged for every round-trip mile beyond a 20-mile radius from our Morristown, NJ location. We will let you know the amount before your order is confirmed.
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