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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have questions about our tree service, such as how estimates, billing, and scheduling are handled, and what you can expect when you hire Alpine Tree Service to perform your tree work. So we put together the following answers to the more common questions we're asked. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please give us a call at 973-964-7798 and we'll be happy to address it for you.

General Questions

Our service area includes Morris County, as well as parts of Essex, Union and Somerset Counties, NJ.

For more details, please see our Service Area page.

We provide one free estimate per project. If we must go out to provide an additional estimate on the same project, there may be a $50 charge.

While it's not always necessary to be present, we strongly encourage you to be there. Your proposal is always personalized to meet your needs. To do that, it's best if we have a chance to meet and examine your property together so you can help us understand your objectives for the work, as well as any limitations or other factors we need to be aware of.

Ultimately, understanding the regulations for tree removal within your municipality and securing tree removal permits (if applicable) are your responsibility.

However, we are happy to provide guidance and help walk you through the process.

If you'd rather not go through the permitting process yourself, we can secure the permit on your behalf. Note that an additional fee will apply based on the scope of the work and the municipality.

If you need assistance with this process please contact the office at 973-964-7798.

We do our best to protect your lawn and plantings when doing tree work. And of course, we're always careful to avoid damage to structures, such as your house!

However, tree removal and pruning may involve lowering or dropping large pieces of heavy wood onto your lawn; as a result, minor lawn damage is inevitable. We patch minor lawn damage, such as small divots, with dirt and grass seed. If it's something major, like large ruts or divots, we'll lay topsoil and some grass seed but we are not responsible for fixing or repairing your lawn beyond that extent.

We also ask that you have all underground utility lines marked out before work begins and notify us if there's anything underground that we should know about, such as a septic or oil tank.


If you are having any planting, transplanting or stump grinding work done, we must be sure that all underground utility lines are marked out before work starts. We may also require this for tree removal and land clearing work to prevent any potential damage from heavy equipment.

We will call New Jersey One Call (811) on your behalf prior to the scheduled start date. They will mark your property with paint, flags or stakes to indicate the presence of underground lines.

New Jersey requires that all tree work be performed or supervised by a Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) or Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO).

Under the law, tree work includes tree pruning, repairing, brush cutting or removal, tree removal, stump grinding or removal, tree establishment, fertilization, cabling and bracing, lightning protection, consulting, diagnosis, and treatment of tree problems or diseases, tree management during site planning and development, tree assessment and risk management, and application of pesticides or any other form of tree maintenance. 

Alpine Tree Service has both a LTE and a LTCO on staff. Both are also ISA Certified Arborists.

Bill Switzler - NJ LTCO #217 

John Angeleri - NJ LTE #582

Our liability policy covers damage to any property, people, or buildings. It specifically covers any damage caused by tree work.

You may view a copy of our insurance here.

If a contractor shows you a certificate of insurance, it may be expired or not cover the job that you are having done (for instance, most landscapers have insurance that only covers work done up to 10-15 feet off the ground, but not above).

For your peace of mind, you may want to contact our insurance broker after you have signed a proposal and the work has been scheduled. In that situation, they can add you to the policy to be covered for the work being done. The contact information for our broker is on the copy of insurance that is linked above.

The ANSI A300 standards are voluntary tree care industry consensus standards developed by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

The standards cover all aspects of tree care and are based on current research and sound practice for managing trees, shrubs, and other woody plants.

By following these standards, we ensure that your plants are being taken care of properly and in a way that keeps them healthy, safe and beautiful.

Proposal Approval & Scheduling

Once you receive your Proposal, please review it for accuracy. If you would like to make any changes to the Proposal, please contact the office at 973-964-7798 or email us at so that we can revise and resend it. Depending on the service, you may also be able to do this through the online Customer Portal.

Once you are happy with all of the listed items, sign and date the proposal and return it to the office.

Ways to sign:

  • Sign electronically through the Customer Portal (there's a link included on your proposal that will take you directly there)
  • Use the 'Approve a Proposal' form on this website (be sure you have the proposal handy when you do that as you'll need to input some of the information into the form)
  • Sign the paper copy and send it to us by snail mail
  • Fax a copy of the signed Proposal to 973-593-9101 
  • Text a picture of the signed Proposal to the office line at 973-964-7798
  • Scan the signed Proposal and send it to us by email at

We will confirm receipt of your signed proposal.

We do scheduling 2x per week (usually on Monday and Thursday evenings). We will EMAIL you a date for your project the morning after we do scheduling (usually Tuesdays and Fridays).


Due to the nature of our work, we CANNOT provide a specific time of day that we will arrive at your property. If you would like a time window (AM or PM), please contact the office 1-2 days before your work is scheduled. Otherwise, the foreman will contact you when they are on their way to your property.

NO, you do not need to be home when your work is done, unless specified by the office during scheduling. If you want to be home when the work is done, please plan to be home for most of the day.

Make sure all cars are moved so that the crew has clear access to the job site.

Make sure the job site is clear of anything that could be damaged or hazardous (lawn furniture, etc.).

If tree stumps will be removed, make sure all underground lines are marked, including invisible dog fence, lighting, and utilities.

Billing & Payment

All jobs totaling over $1,000 require a 50% deposit PRIOR to the start of the work.

If you plan to pay in cash, no deposit is required but you must arrange to pay the day the work is done, or drop payment off at the office within one week of completion of the job.

Your invoice will be sent electronically after completion of the work. If you would like a hard copy invoice mailed to your home, please let the office know.

You will not be billed until your work is 100% completed.

Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. You will continue to receive invoices at 7-day intervals until payment is received in full.

Any payments received over 30 days will be assessed a late fee at a rate of 1.5% per month.

Invoices can be paid in any of the ways listed below:

  • ELECTRONICALLY - You may pay online (using your banking info or credit card) by clicking on the PAY NOW feature on the invoice that you receive by email
  • MAIL A CHECK - You may mail a check to 161 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ 07960
  • CASH - You may pay in full the day the job is completed or arrange for pick up/drop off at the office
  • VENMO - We now accept Venmo payments. Our username is @AlpineTreeServiceNJ

Please be advised that use of a credit card will incur a processing fee.

Wood Removal & Stump Grinding

All wood resulting from the tree removal(s) and pruning(s) will be removed from the premises unless otherwise noted in the Proposal.

Stump removal is not included in the price unless specifically stated on the Proposal.

We are happy to give you a separate estimate for stump grinding and removal.

Stump grinding will not always be done the same day as the removals. This is a different crew with different equipment. Grinding should be done within one week of the removal (usually 1-2 days).

You will have the option to leave grindings at the site or have them removed. Your estimator will discuss these options and correlated pricing.

Yes, we do! We offer unlimited free wood chips to all of our customers. We'll even deliver them for free within our normal service area.

Deliveries take place when we're doing other work in your area - we're not able to schedule delivery for a specific date or time. Just call the office at 973-964-7798 to make arrangements.

We offer free 10- to 15-foot logs that can be cut and split into firewood. However, we do not offer cut firewood.

We can deliver logs to you if you're located within our normal service area. Deliveries take place when we're doing other work in your area - we're not able to schedule delivery for a specific date or time.

Please call the office at 973-964-7798 for more details.

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