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How Our Tree-Mek Robotic Crane Protects Your Landscape

Alpine Tree Service uses a Palfinger Tree-Mek robotic crane for many tree removals. The Tree-Mek is a mechanical tree crane that combines a tree crew’s job of securing sections of a tree, cutting the section, and removing it.

This type of robotic equipment is not only more efficient and safer, but it keeps your lawn and property from being damaged by falling heavy logs.

In this article, we’ll cover more details about this sophisticated piece of equipment, why it is essential to hire a tree company that has (and knows how to use) a Tree-Mek robotic crane, and the various benefits of using this type of tree crane for tree removals.

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Two photos of Alpine Tree Service using their Tree-Mek robotic crane in New Jersey.

Alpine Tree’s Tree-Mek robotic crane is useful for a variety of tree care tasks.

What is Mechanized Tree Removal?

Mechanized tree care refers to tree care that relies not only on humans but also on machines. Since trees are large, dangerous, heavy, and unpredictable, the use of machines to assist in tree care is safer – both for our crew and your property.

Mechanized tree removal removes trees by use of machinery, minimizing the need to put a human in harm’s way by climbing and operating a chainsaw.

Using a Tree-Mek robotic crane means:

  • We can reach more trees safely
  • We can minimize damage to your lawn during tree removals
  • We can more quickly and efficiently remove trees
  • We can keep our crew and your family safe

Watch this video to see some of Alpine Tree’s mechanical tree removal equipment, including the Tree-Mek robotic crane.

What is a Tree-Mek Robotic Crane?

Alpine Tree Service is one of only a handful of tree companies in New Jersey to own one of Palfinger’s famous “Tree-Meks.” So, what is a Tree-Mek, and what makes them so sought after?

Tree-Meks are comprised of a truck-mounted knuckle boom crane outfitted with a grapple saw.

The crane is able to grab, cut, and move sections of a tree without the use of climbers, ropes, or chainsaws.

This technology was first introduced in Europe but is now available in the United States. Currently, it is the most high-tech tree crane system available.

The Alpine Tree Service Tree-Mek robotic crane at work!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Robotic Tree Crane?

While the Tree-Mek robotic crane is an exciting piece of equipment, there is so much more to it. It provides many benefits for property owners looking to have their trees safely and carefully removed, as well as for our crew.

Below are reasons to hire a tree service company such as Alpine Tree, which has and knows how to operate a Tree-Mek robotic crane.

Alpine Tree Can Reach More Trees Using a Tree-Mek

Thanks to the Tree-Mek’s small stature, maneuverability, and turning radius, there are very few places that this tree crane can’t reach!

A robotic tree crane easily removes trees between homes or buildings, near power lines, in a small backyard, or in an otherwise hard-to-reach area.

Watch a short video of the Tree-Mek lifting a large section of a tree near homes and power lines >>

Damage is Minimized Using a Tree-Mek

The super single truck tires reduce ground pressure psi, making the machine low impact on the properties it enters. In other words, there’s no lawn damage!

Thanks to the grapple saw the crane can “grab” sections of the tree and lower them to the ground, reducing the impact from large falling tree limbs.

Removals are More Efficient When Using a Tree-Mek

Historically, the Alpine Tree Service crew had to move logs and heavy pieces of wood with a log cart pushed by hand. Much time was spent cutting big pieces of wood into small enough pieces for the guys to load into the chipper.

Then, we moved to skid steers with hydraulically controlled grapples capable of lifting 800 pounds. Combine them with the Tree-Mek, and tree work becomes significantly less physical than it used to be, leading to more efficient tree removals.

The entire crane is controlled by a remote control that can be worn around the operator’s waist. The controller has eight functions, each operated by a switch. Another smaller controller, mounted on the operator’s remote-control belt, has three buttons controlling the grapple saw’s tilt, rotation, and saw blade, respectively.

Learn more about our tree removal services >>

Removals are Safer When Using a Tree-Mek (When Used Correctly)

Using a remote-controlled crane often eliminates the need for a tree climber, a position that can be pretty dangerous, thanks to high heights, large moving sections of trees, and sharp chainsaws.

With the Tree-Mek, as long as the crane is within 94 feet of the tree, there’s no need for a climber.

Additionally, pests like Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and elm bark beetle completely decimate trees, making them hazardous and unsafe, especially when the brittle trees are removed.

By using a remote-controlled crane to remove these dangerous trees, there is less likelihood of injury or property damage.

But it’s more challenging than it looks!

Watching the crane work, you might think it’s nothing more than simply flipping switches. However, it’s not that easy!

The operator needs to accurately estimate the weight of the piece of wood being removed because once you cut it, you own it, whether the crane can handle the weight or not.

Tree work can be very dangerous. Adding a powerful machine like a Tree-Mek robotic crane can be even more hazardous if its power and limits are not respected. Operators must go through intense, rigorous field training.

Alpine Tree Service climbers during tree removals in New Jersey.

Alpine Tree Service climbers are skilled at removing trees in New Jersey.

Are Tree-Meks Needed For All Tree Removals?

While robotic tree cranes are a great help for most tree removals, they are not needed for all of them.

Smaller trees, for instance, can often be removed from the ground. Some trees can be felled (the process of cutting a tree so that it falls to the ground). We utilize other tree equipment, including tree cranes and skid steers, to remove trees using a variety of methods.

With multiple tree crews and only one Tree-Mek (at least for now), we decide which tree removal jobs would most benefit from the use of a robotic grapple saw crane and which trees can be removed using more traditional methods. The tree’s height, location, and health all help us determine the best method for each tree removal.

Alpine Tree Service trucks parked on a property in New Jersey.

Contact Alpine Tree Service To Schedule Your Tree Removal

No matter what method is used to remove your tree, you know it is in good hands (or sometimes, robotic grapple saws) when hiring Alpine Tree Service.

If you are in the Morris, Essex, Union, or Somerset counties of New Jersey and it is time to remove a tree, contact us to schedule your appointment.

We have been safely and quickly removing trees since 2010, and we will keep you informed of any of the latest advances in arboriculture, whether they relate to tree removals, tree pests, or other tree-related issues to watch for.

Learn more about our tree removal services >>

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