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Mendham, NJ

Tree Services

TCIA Accredited Tree Services in Mendham, NJ

Get Professional Tree Service from the Friendly Tree Care Experts at Alpine Tree

At Alpine Tree, we’re family-owned and accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We offer a range of tree service options, including tree trimming, tree health management by a certified arborist, and emergency tree removal due to disease or damage.

Whether we’re in town to provide tree services in Mendham, NJ, or spending the day visiting local ice creameries, restaurants, and downtown shopping venues on our days off, we love the area and culture.


Expert Certified Arborist Tree Service in the Mendham Area

At Alpine Tree, we offer a range of tree services for homeowners and commercial property owners to manage the health of the trees on their properties. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate appointment for your trees in Mendham.

Keep Trees Healthy with Regular Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential part of tree health management. Dead branches can lead to structural weaknesses and attract tree disease and dangerous pests. Additionally, trees may naturally grow with uneven weight distribution, making them a risk to other trees, homes, and people during storms with high winds.

Regular tree pruning can improve a tree’s appearance, allow sunlight and air to penetrate the canopy and reach shrubs and flowers beneath the tree’s branches, and guide growth in a healthy pattern to keep your property safe.

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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding for Unhealthy or Damaged Trees

Sometimes you need tree removal service for certain trees on your property, including:

  • Dead or dying trees.
  • Trees too close to buildings or power lines.
  • Damaged trees.
  • Land clearing for construction or landscaping.

We also offer stump grinding either as an add-on to tree removal or as a separate service to remove stumps from your property.

Tree Health Management with Targeted Pest and Disease Control

At Alpine Tree, we care about maintaining the best health possible for your trees and shrubs as part of our tree services in Mendham, NJ. Our certified arborists can help maintain your property with a range of services, including:

  • Insect and disease treatment
  • Insect pest control and prevention
  • Tree disease prevention
  • Fungicide applications
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Soil testing and amendment
  • Tick and mosquito spraying and control
  • Winter tree and shrub protection

One of our certified arborists will inspect your trees to assess current and potential risks. Our inspector will look for signs of emerald ash borers, spotted lanternflies, apple scab, fireblight, anthracnose, and cedar-apple rust. Additionally, our arborist will look for conditions on your property that could pose a potential breeding ground for pests like ticks and mosquitoes, such as standing water for breeding.

Tree Planting and Transplanting with Certified Arborist Guidance

We can help you choose a new tree to plant on your property and determine the best place to grow it. Whether you want to replace a tree you just removed or want to add to the greenery around your home, trust our experts at Alpine Tree to help you make the best choice.

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24/7 Emergency Tree Service for Storm-Damaged Trees

Sometimes a tree poses an immediate threat to your property, and you need emergency tree removal. Causes of tree emergencies include storms with high winds that knock down large limbs or entire trees, lightning strikes, or even human error such as improper trimming or vehicle collisions.

If a tree on your property needs immediate emergency tree service, call us any time, day or night. We offer 24/7 storm emergency response for tree removal and storm cleanup. Never try to remove a storm-damaged tree yourself. Call the safety-certified experts at Alpine Tree instead.

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Did you know?

Tree Permits Required in Mendham, NJ

You must have a tree removal permit to remove trees in Mendham Borough. The purpose of restricted tree removal except by permit is to prevent erosion during floods, promote a visually appealing environment, conserve natural resources, and prevent environmental degradation.

While there are exceptions to the required permitting, many homeowners and businesses must acquire a permit before removing trees from their properties. We can help you procure the appropriate permits for tree service on your property.

In the Community

Alpine Tree Serves and Supports Mendham

Owners Bill and Vanessa send their kids to school in Mendham and actively participate in the PTO. The whole family loves visiting Mendham to walk and hike at Schiff Nature Preserve.

We also actively participate in local tree education events as a company, including Arbor Day and Earth Day.

New to the Mendham Area?

Turn to Our Experienced Arborists to Assess the Trees on Your Property

We know moving into a new home can be hectic, and one thing you might overlook is getting a preliminary tree assessment for the trees on your property. However, with the help of one of our certified arborists, you can plan for tree health management, insect pest control, tree and shrub fertilization, and more.

Call us today at 973-240-5673 to schedule an inspection and free estimate!

Do You Need Professional Tree Service?

Why Choose Alpine Tree?

At Alpine Tree, we have the top qualifications in tree service, including certified arborists, TCIA accreditation, and over 12 years of experience serving Mendham.

Choose Alpine Tree for:

Why We Love It

Mendham Offers Some of the Best Local Eateries

There are many reasons to love Mendham, but we especially appreciate the wide range of delicious dining options, including:

  • Piattino
  • Frank’s
  • Dante’s
  • Sapori d’Italia
  • Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop
  • Simple Coffee
  • Mendham Creamery
  • Aoyama
  • Wicker Basket
  • The Black Horse Tavern & Pub
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"Alpine is the best! We used them to remove a large spruce tree, remove some stumps, and do some trimming/pruning work. Every time they did a fantastic job! The pricing was fair, and the work was outstanding. What impressed us the most was how clean they left everything. The next time we need some tree work done, we won't hesitate to reach out to Alpine!"

John Armstrong

Mendham, NJ
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"Besides being very good at what they do, Alpine Tree Service is focused on the customer experience.
Not only did they respond quickly to my request for an estimate, our work was scheduled and performed within 2-3 weeks. And all during that time they consistently communicated with me about next steps and timing.
We’ve had a lot of tree work over the years, but never this type of experience. Thank you Alpine Tree Service."

Mike Palestina

Mendham, NJ

Contact the Certified Arborists at Alpine Tree Today!

When you need tree services in Mendham, NJ, turn to the certified experts at Alpine Tree. We have served our neighbors in Mendham for over 12 years while supporting several local and national charity campaigns. Call us today at 973-306-0876 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate appointment.

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