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Chester, NJ

Tree Services

Friendly and Professional Tree Services in Chester, NJ

Chester, NJ, offers locals and visitors plenty to do. From visiting Stony Hill Farms to grabbing an ice cream cone at Taylor's, we have a thriving local community with the best that New Jersey has to offer.

Aside from beautiful farms and lively downtown, people here appreciate the area's natural beauty by visiting the various parks and trails as well as maintaining the native trees around their homes.

Alpine Tree offers exceptional tree services in Chester, NJ. Whether you need to trim back overgrown trees, address insect infestations in your trees, or remove unsightly stumps, our certified arborists have the tools and expertise needed for professional tree services. We have more than ten years of experience working in the community and proudly serving our Chester neighbors.

Expert Tree Service from Certified Arborists

Alpine Tree proudly offers the best tree services in Chester, NJ. We address all your concerns using the latest techniques and equipment. We also take our time to listen to your concerns and explain your options during a free, no-obligation consultation. Our services include:

Tree Removal for Dead, Overgrown, and Damaged Trees

Tree removal is a job for professionals. You may need to remove a tree from your property if the tree is:

  • Dead or dying. Dead or dying trees deteriorate quickly, and structural weakness increases the chances of the tree falling during a storm, possibly landing on your house, powerlines, or blocking a roadway.
  • Too close to your home or other building. Branches might rub and cause damage to your roof, soffit, or siding. Tree roots might push up on your concrete patio, driveway, or sidewalk, becoming a tripping hazard for your family and passersby.
  • Crowding other trees and shrubs in your yard. Trees in proximity can spread diseases to each other quickly, possibly killing all trees clustered together. Thinning a group of trees to reduce crowding can improve the health of the remaining trees.
  • Blocking access to sidewalks and roadways. It's often best to remove or relocate any tree that hangs over a walkway or roadway or has wide-spreading roots which cause a hazard.

Whatever your reason, Alpine Tree can help you achieve your tree care goals and safely remove unwanted or damaged trees.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

We trim and cut our hair to keep it healthy. Likewise, trees require regular pruning to produce healthy and structurally sound growth.

Not only does tree pruning and trimming make your trees look nicer, but it also keeps your property safer by removing damaged or diseased branches.

An Alpine Tree crane removes a large section of a tree on a Mendham or Chatham, New Jersey property

Tree Health Management

Alpine Tree offers comprehensive tree health management, including insect and disease identification, preventions, and treatment, soil testing and fertilization, and more!

Insect & Disease Treatment

Our customers often call us for targeted insect and disease treatment of their trees, including pests like spotted lanternflies and emerald ash borers. We check for evidence of a particular species and use targeted formulas to control the pest rather than general insecticides that could harm pollinators and beneficial insects.

Tree Disease Prevention

We customize our tree disease prevention services to work specifically for your types of trees. Preventing tree diseases keeps your property healthy, green, and free of tree-related hazards.

Optimum Outdoor Protection with Insect Control

New Jersey summers have a reputation for bright sunshine and beautiful weather. Unfortunately, this enjoyable time of year also attracts more pests and insects, especially mosquitoes and ticks. We can help you keep your outdoor space free of these disease-carrying bugs with professional insect control services for ticks and mosquitoes.

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In the Community

Alpine Trees Loves Serving and Supporting the Chester Community

The Alpine Tree team doesn't just work in Chester; we proudly participate in the community! Our team members love visiting Grove Street Park and hiking several other trails in the area.

In addition to providing expert tree services and enjoying the local amenities, we proudly support the Chester PTO groups and the Chester Parks & Recreation Commission.

New to the Area?

Let Us Assess the Trees on Your Property

Welcome to the area! We’re proud to serve our new neighbors in assessing the trees around their new homes. Let us recommend treatment, support, and removal options for the trees on your property.

Do You Need Professional Tree Service?

Why Choose Alpine Tree?

When it comes to finding a certified arborist, it is vital to find one with the right certifications, experience, and team. Alpine Tree proudly serves the community with exceptional services at competitive prices.

What makes us different? Here are a few things:

Our team members are fully insured and specialize in tree services.

We have accreditation from the Tree Care Industry Association.

We provide free, no-obligation estimates on all our work.

We are locally owned with over a decade of experience.

Our work always complies with local professional tree care regulations and standards (ANSI A300 Planting & Transplanting Standards).

Why We Love It

Chester Are More Than Places to Live

Chester Borough is a small part of New Jersey with lots to offer. History buffs can visit the Chester House Inn on Mainstreet, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you want to explore the beautiful New Jersey outdoors, there are nearly endless park and trail options. Our favorites include:

  • Grove Street Park
  • Chubb Park
  • Black River Park & Trails
  • Nathan Cooper Mill

If you're looking to explore local flavors, check out these dining locations:

  • Redwoods
  • New York Pizza
  • Old Mill Inn & Tavern
  • Chester Bagel
  • Taylor’s Ice Cream

"I have lived in my home 50 + years and have utilized many tree service companies. Alpine is the VERY BEST!!! The assessment/estimate of the job was "spot on"; their communication before, during and after the job was outstanding; the crew which worked on my trees were very professional; the cost of the job was very competitive. Once the job was completed, my property was left so "clean" one would never know trees (with their debris) had grown there. I would definitely use this company again and highly recommend them."

Rosemarie Blume

Chester, NJ

Need Residential or Commercial Tree Services in Chester, NJ?

Tree care is a vital part of residential and commercial property maintenance. Whether you need routine trimming and pruning or have concerns about an unhealthy tree, Alpine Tree has the tools and expertise you need.

Call us at 973-964-7798 to schedule a consultation and see why Chester, NJ, residents love working with the Alpine Tree team for tree services!

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