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How Trees Affect Property Values in New Jersey

A sign reading "sold" in front of a green house surrounded by trees.

Don’t take your trees for granted! Trees provide many benefits, and that includes increasing the value of your property. Learn how trees can make or break your property value and what you can do to maximize their impact on the sale price of your home (if you plan to sell) and your enjoyment of your property.

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When to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs In New Jersey

Sun shines through a large canopy of green tree leaves.

What time of year is best for fertilizing trees and shrubs in New Jersey? Can you fertilize at other times of year? Does fertilizing at the wrong time harm a tree? And how do you know if a tree even needs to be fertilized? Get all the answers right here!

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How to Tell if Your Tree is Dangerous

Yellow caution tape with CAUTION in black letters in front of a yard with trees

There are many reasons why a tree can become dangerous. Learn how to inspect a potentially dangerous tree and evaluate the key defects that can make it a hazard to structures and people nearby.

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Tree Staking: Yes or No?

a young tree tied to a stake

Learn about whether, how, and why your newly-planted trees should be staked and when those stakes should be removed. (Hint: it may be sooner than you think.)

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Winter Tree Care Tips

Snow covered tree, fence, and yard in the Morristown, NJ area

Our top recommendations for winter tree care, including plant protection, preventing ice, snow, wind and salt damage, winter pruning, disease mitigation, and more.

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